2009 octobre 2
Par Dominique BALAŸ

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Siegfried Fink ‘Metallophonie’

Hans-Karsten Raecke ‘Das Mecklenburger Pferd’

Wolfgang Roscher ‘Phonetische Etüde’

Klaus Hinrich Stahmer ‘Soundscape’

Wilfried Jentzsch ‘Lithophonie’

Klaus Ager ‘Alinkonie II’

Herbert Försch-Tenge ‘Tri-Cello II’

Anestis Logothetis ‘Klangagglomeration’

Christoph Wünsch ‘Kaleidoskop’

Peter Vogel ‘Kleines Fünfstimmiges Minimal Music Object’ (6:30)

all these tracks are from Sound Sculptures (Wergo Records, 1985)

Past Eroticism – Canadian Sound Poetry in the 1960s – Vol. 1

angelo plessas Angelo Plessas sur webSYNradio 9 16 septembre



Première écoute : jeudi 9 septembre à 12h, 15h, 19h, et 00h, jusqu’au 16 septembre mêmes horaires

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Angelo Plessas lives and works in Athens, Greece. His main body of work consists of websites that bring together an animated “object” with a domain name that functions as the title and location of the piece. These web objects often resemble sculptural portraits of imaginary characters, alternating between funny and poignant, strange and romantic. In his work, Plessas fuses iconography of ancient civilizations, surrealist abstractions and modernist references together with the social networking habit of imagined identities. Although immaterial, these pieces have a strong handcrafted quality and a distinct graphic style, always animated and interactive. Sometimes focusing on the theme of identity, these pieces become characters and portraits, while some other times they become experiments of color and form, always conveying abstract emotions to the viewer in contrast to our “reality” driven online situation.

His most recent solo exhibitions include « Angelo Plessas Works » at the Berkeley Art Museum, “Headquarters” at Rebecca Camhi gallery, « The Angelo Foundation Headquarters » at Jeu De Paume (with Andreas Angelidakis). His work was presented at the the 2nd Athens Biennale in the exhibition « Splendid Isolation, Athens ». His work has been featured in Artforum, Art in America and other publications.

Sound Sculptures (Wergo Records, 1985)

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