the music i’ve included in this playlist is music that has been important to me since i was very young. i discovered the majority of this music between the ages of 11 and 20……very formative years for my musical upbringing. in many cases i wasn’t even sure it was music that i liked…..all i knew was that it was music that made me think…..think about the world, about music, about my life……and it was music that i kept coming back to… learn from and to derive pleasure. it is music i still listen to today……it’s not the only music i listen to, but in many ways it gives me the most pleasure…..i still learn from it and discover new things about it……and all of this music has led me directly and indirectly to other musics……which lead to still more…….and on and on……. thank you for listening and thank you for your time…….
anton fier

1.terry reid – dean river

2.gene clark & carla olson- gypsy rider so rebellious a lover

3.john martyn – i’d rather be the devil live performance

4.laura nyro – beads of sweat christmas and the beads of sweat

5.terry reid – mayfly

6.tim buckley – dolphins (live performance)

7.joe cocker – with a little help from my friends (mad dogs & englishmen) – these days  (chelsea girls)

9.joni mitchell – jericho (don juan’s restless daughter)

10.mcdonald & giles – flight of the ibis

11.marc benno – speak your mind minnows talk – desire (the spirit of eden)

13.judee sill – the kiss (live performance)

14.sonny boy williamson – little village bummer road

15.lorraine ellison – stay with me baby

16.laura nyro – upstairs by a chinese lamechristmas and the beads of sweat

17.led zeppelin – nobody’s fault buy mine presence

18. taj mahal – divin duck blues

19.the byrds – get to you the notorious

21. gene clark – echoes

22.the numbers band – jimmy bell ( jimmy bell’s still in town)

23.kevin ayers – whatever she brings we sing

24.laura nyro – captain for dark morning

25.dyke & the blazers – we got more soul

26.allen toussaint – cruel way to go down southern nights

27.bukka white aberdeen mississippi (blues live performance)

28.miles davis – black satin on the corner

29.betty harris – can’t wait much longer soul perfection

30.the byrds – change is now

31.holland-dozier – don’t leave me starvin for your love

32.arto/netopinipini 12″ single

33.sonny boy williamson – santa claus bummer road

34.laura nyro – black patch christmas and the beads of sweat

35.big star watch the sunrise – radio city and more again forever changes

37.buddy guy & junior wells – man of many words play the blues

38. james brown – mother popcorn live tv performance

39.the sons of champlin 1982- a loosin up naturally

40.laura nyro – the confession eli & the 13th confession

41. laura nyro – captain saint lucifer

42. buffalo springfield – questions last time around

43. sibylle baier – forget colour green

44. essra mohawk – i am the breeze primordial lovers

45. gene clark – from a siver phial no other

46. miles davis – what i say complete cellar door sessions

47. blood sweat and tears just one smile child is the father to the man

48. john martyn – one day without you (live performance)

49. bobby whitlock – the scenery has slowly changed

50. virginia astley – some small hope




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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anton Fier, aka « Andy Fisher » (born June 20, 1956), is an American drummer, composer and bandleader. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

Fier was an early member of The Lounge Lizards and The Feelies. He was in The Lodge (with John Greaves), worked with Pere Ubu, was briefly in the the Voidoids and founded The Golden Palominos. The 1978 Pere Ubu EP titled « Data Panic in the Year Zero » was dedicated to Fier.

Fier has collaborated extensively with Bill Laswell and also toured and recorded with Hüsker Dü guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Bob Mould.

Fier also played with bassist Jack Bruce and guitarist Kenji Suzuki on the 1987 album Inazuma Super Session – « Absolute Live!! »

Fier played in the band Locus Solus with John Zorn and Arto Lindsay. They recorded a live album for Zorn’s 50th birthday celebration. It is « Volume Number 3″ of the 50th birthday series on Tzadik.

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