Playlist 1: 00 to 05 – Busy Day – Christine Sun KIM & Thomas Benno MADER

00. Taeyoon Choi: sitting in this class at our school
you will hear references.

01. Bill Dietz: Approximately 22:15 – 23:15, May 2nd, Friday night. Editing an essay co-authored with Gavin Steingo ( »Experiments in Civility, » forthcoming in boundary 2): sitting on the couch with my computer surrounded by print-outs; occasional forays to the bookshelf to look for a reference; occasional typing. Drinks of water, bathroom, raining outside throughout.

02. Matana Roberts: During that hour I worked on video editing, emails for booking, long tones for sax and stretching 4 sanity. icon smile Playlist 1: 00 to 05 Busy Day Christine Sun KIM & Thomas Benno MADER

03. Aron Sanchez: I was carving and shaping a guitar neck, this one:

04. Joseph del Pesco: I’ve recorded three 10 minute segments of my bus ride to the office. It’s one of the spaces where I tend to think most creatively about my day and work… where the unexpected routinely occurs and a strange mix of people convene. I find it often leads to interesting and unusual connections of thought.

05. Gordon Hall: It wasn’t particularly creative, but it was typically busy. I got off the train at Fulton, made it up to my studio, made tea, sat down at my computer, and dove into my email. Very normal day!

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