Playlist 3: 12-18 – Busy Day – Christine Sun KIM & Thomas Benno MADER


12. Ryan Holladay with Hays Holladay: I find I do my best thinking in airports and on airplanes. Not sure if its the change in air pressure or the restricted physical movement, but I sometimes find that I have solutions to problems up in the air that I wasn’t able to on the ground. This is a recording of American Airlines flight 245 from Washington DC to Los Angeles. My brother, Hays, is sitting next to me editing audio and I’m writing.

13. Gryphon Rue with Cosmo Sheldrake: My English musician friend Cosmo Sheldrake and I discussed our creative processes at dawn on a roof deck overlooking Long Island City, after an evening spent consuming the majority of a lamb, traipsing about TriBeca and dancing at a disco. Our admittedly rambling discussion explored several topics such as the necessity of constraints, sources of inspiration, and the challenge of finishing work.

14. Anna Moschovakis: my recording was made between 7:30 and 8:30am on saturday, may 10. i had a medical procedure scheduled for 11:00 that day, and i had a reading scheduled for that night for which i had planned to write something new, but my anxiety over the procedure (though minor) had prevented me from having the focus to write. i was also getting nervous about missing the deadline for this project. i realized i could kill three birds with one stone if i spent the hour working through my anxieties about the procedure by writing a new piece to read that evening and recording myself as i worked. i wrote almost nonstop for the hour (not my usual process) and the content of the piece ranged from the story surrounding the procedure to my lack of preparedness for the reading to my interest in this project. i like the fact that this is a piece i don’t plan to publish, that its audience will be limited to whoever heard it at the reading, whoever hears the sounds of its composition as part of this project, and whoever reads this description of its occurrence, whether hearing or not. the location of the recording is my apartment on eastern parkway in crown heights, brooklyn. my room is on the noisy side of the apartment, so there is a constant backdrop of traffic noises, people shouting, sirens. i’ve been told that i type loudly.

15. Harper Reed: i worked, answered questions and set up a phone system for

16. Shoham Arad: One hour in Brasil: Where I’d never been. Was on a one week work trip with my boss for a program we run together. He was getting ready to give a presentation while I was talking to super cool brasilians in Sao Paolo, and thinking about travel, public speaking, the notion of who takes up space, and who doesn’t; thinking about how you can no longer tell where someone lives or comes from by their jeans or their shoes or their haircuts; thinking about the audio working on his microphone and when I got to go home.

17. Alison O’Daniel: This is mostly ambient travel noise. In the beginning, I am waiting on the platform to get on an Amtrak train on my way down to San Diego. On the train, you hear the ambient sounds, the conductor’s radios, the announcements. You hear me typing and sending emails, making phone calls about production details and equipment for my film, and sending and receiving texts that I conducted by voice.

18. Taylor Davis: A studio hour with Oliver in which several activities took place: tea-making, stretcher building (with a pneumatic pin nailer and miter saw), quiet collage gluing, some iphone image sharing of Rauschenberg piece titled « soles », a discussion about Lygia Clark’s craft, shoe tossing, some swearing and questions and other things I can’t know unless I listened again.