Playlist 4: 18-23 – Busy Day – Christine Sun KIM & Thomas Benno MADER

19. Alexandro Segade: what we are doing on this is listening to weird folk music in the background while both malik and i type on our respective computers in our office.

there is also some traffic noise.

we talk a few times, about scheduling issues mostly, and then we talk about art for a second. both of us are working on stuff that requires a lot of emailing. but we take a break and some point and eat, so the faucet and dishes and that sort of thing happens.

20. Jordan Robin: Just back at my studio after a long day assisting. I’m exhausted and have hiccups. Put on an OMD record and got to work on an image submission for a show I was invited into. I’m late sending everything off – surprise. Got deep into my hard drive, through a bunch of old editions, and images that I’m using for drawings coming up. Got distracted when I came across all of my band practice recordings, and reconciled sorting through them as multitasking because I was actually preparing for Wednesday night practice. Found a recording of an ex-boyfriend playing guitar in my bedroom, and had to change it up. So I mixed up more white to do another coat of primer on a sculpture I’m in the middle of. Things got fume-y and I got a bit gassed – naturally a great excuse for a cigarette break and some quick horizontal action.

21. William Tucci: This  sound clip is recording of me listening to a bootleg performance of Patti Smith live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that I personally recorded in 2011. Often when I am thinking I sit in my room listen to my stereo and let the emotions inherent in music guide my meditations.

22. Hank Willis Thomas: I met with my studio manager about emails and scheduling, watched some videos of potential collaborators and went to an opening at the lower east side print shop where I just completed a residency and had several pieces up.

23. Lisa Yun Lee: An hour after work rushing to a dinner in honor of Mikhail Baryshnikov and Annie B Parson and Paul Lazar, who are in town performing the dance theater piece, Man in the Box, where art, love life, cats and dogs and Chicago land cultural gossip are discussed before dinner.

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